The British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association needed to modernise their literature – such as their website and annual report – so that they were credible as the representative body for the second largest aerosol sector in the world.

Cato took what is essentially an everyday cylindrical shape and developed it into something more striking yet mysterious, thus piquing the viewer’s interest in the images and thus the organisation.

The images – available to all members – have not only strengthened BAMA’s leading voice position but have been so popular that many of the members have use of the images within their own branding.

Project: Annual Report.

Cato has been an invaluable help in developing and strengthening BAMA's visual identity. Working within tight budget restraints they have helped us to use our budget wisely, capturing a unique series of images that visually support the aerosol industry in a graphical media. Their attention to detail and their response has always been instant,and Jacquie was always a pleasure to deal with and her commitment to her work was second to none.
Caroline Fuller Communication Manager

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